Contact Consulting to support the West Midlands Mental Health Commission

Contact Consulting is delighted to confirm that we have been commissioned to support the work of the newly formed West Midlands Mental Health Commission. The Commission, chaired by Norman Lamb MP (former Care Services Minister) will assess the scale of poor mental health and well being across the West Midlands and its cost and impact on public sector services, the economy and communities. It will review national and international research and best practice to establish what works best in addressing the impact that poor mental health and wellbeing has on public services, the economy and local communities. It will establish the relative costs and benefits of the application of this evidence to the West Midland and identify and consider the outcomes from, work currently under way and/ or being piloted in the West Midlands to improve mental health and wellbeing, including but not limited to Headstart and the NHS Vanguards. The Commission will make recommendations to both Government [...]