The start of the 2019/20 year has seen Contact Consulting taking on a range of new work.

Steve Appleton has recently expanded his role with International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and is now the European Lead for the organisation. With his north American counterpart he is leading IIMHL’s work on mental health development in cities and urban regions.

The States of Jersey have commissioned Contact Consulting to support the development and work of the new Children’s Strategic Partnership Board, building on previous and current work related the Children’s Plan and the Citizen’s Panel following the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry. This work is being conducted jointly with our associate Amy Hobson.

Work is now underway on a research project with Mind, examining the impact of social housing allocation policy for those experiencing mental health problems. In the housing and support field, Contact Consulting is working with Hestia, to review their hospital discharge programme in West London.

Steve has just been commissioned to provide support to the Swedish Association for Local Authorities and Regions, as part of the development of a mental health plan for Stockholm and the wider Stockholm region, starting in June. He will also be working with a US mental health provider in Boston in May 2019.¬†Alongside this is his work chairing a review of children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing services in Sussex. Steve continues to work on Domestic Homicide Reviews across England.

Nigel Appleton continues to provide expert advice to a number of organisations developing ExtraCare housing across England, as well as supporting the wider work of the organisation.